I decided to redo my personal website because of reasons. Biggest reason was I was tired of looking at it and wanted something fresh. Another reason was it was entirely React, which is a bit overkill for what was basically just a site listing my skills and how to contact me.

This go around I decided to build it using Gatsby, which is currently my favorite piece of web tech. Also used styled-components for some nice lil CSS-In-JS action. Huge shout out to Scott Tolinski over at LevelUp Tutorials for the stellar tutorial on Gatsby.

I also decided I wanted to try to blog some more. I’m thinking either weekly or monthly, but who knows so we’ll find out together. Planning on these blog posts to be a bit of stream of conscious, but still tech related. Maybe write out little doodad I found out how to do, or explaining a project.

Speaking of explaining a project, I’m planning on making 12 different websites/apps in 2021. What better way to be a better developer than to just build a lot of websites? I plan on having a blog post for each explaining my choices in stack, and how they work.

That’s all for now. First blog post: done ✅