After reading up quite a bit on Hotwire, I finally felt comfortable enough with it to try it out on a project. Over the past week or so, I made a simple shared grocery list app. With Hotwire, this app can be updated in real time across multiple users, so when a user updates their grocery list, whoever they shared it with immediately sees the updates instead of refreshing the page. You can checkout the app out here, I decided to host it on Heroku’s free tier so people can actually see my work instead of just seeing the code. This project was super fun to make, and my first project using Tailwind! Tailwind is great, and I see why a lot of people use it, I fully plan on using it on my next project, and many other future projects.

And, speaking of my next project, I’m re-writing this blog! I plan on changing domains as well, apparently there are a lot of other Dylans out there on the internet that also want to go by CtrlAltDylan, so I want to change over to something more unique, more explicitly me. As for the tech stack, I really think that the JAMstack approach is best for a blog like this, so I’m switching over to Bridgetown. Gatsby has been really nice, and I’ll always be a fan of it, but I just really want to switch over to something with Ruby.

I’ve got a few other ideas for some projects with Rails that I gotta polish some more, and definitely want to do more with TDD. I recently picked up Jason Swett’s new book, The Complete Guide To Rails Testing, so I plan on writing up a blog post reviewing it, and hopefully a couple more projects that have more tests than I usually do (which may or may not be 0).

Well, that’s all for now 👋