I done did the thing, I got a new domain, thisisdylan.dev. As I discussed in my last post, I was really wanting something more me, and something more consistent across social media, so I could just use the same username everywhere. After mulling it over for a while, I was able to go with thisisdylandev. Not a huge fan of having “dev” in my handles, because I’m more than just a dev, but for my current social media presence, it was a pretty decent choice.

Now, I know I said I would move to Bridgetown and Tailwind CSS, but I ran into my old nemesis, DESIGN. I’m not good at design, it’s been a very big weakness of mine for a while. And I found myself struggling with what I wanted my blog to look like and less about what my blog would contain. So, I decided to go with a template instead of designing from scratch. While Bridgetown is great, and I loved working with it, it’s still young, and doesn’t have very many templates. First I started looking at Gatsby themes, since I was using Gatsby already, but I wanted to get away from Gatsby because the build times are atrocious. So I went with Hugo. And honestly, from start to deploy, I was done re-doing my site in less than 30 minutes. And that’s what I wanted, I wanted to focus on the content I’m creating and writing, and less about the design or deploys.

And speaking of deploys, new-shiny-toy syndrome got the best of me, and I moved off Netlify and onto Render. And, I gotta say, 10/10 do recommend, check them out! I might try deploying a Rails app to Render next, instead of using Heroku.

Lastly, I’m going to spend an evening going through past blog posts and cleaning up links to the new domain, and setting up a redirect for my old domain to go to my new domain.

Well, that’s all for now 👋