Been a hot minute since I blogged so figured I’d give an update. My Master’s program has been pretty harsh lately so March didn’t get a project like I planned 😅 I plan on making two projects in a future month once I get finals behind me. Honestly looks like April isn’t getting one either so we’ll just see how the whole “12 Projects In A Year” thing goes.

Well, update on me. I’ve been spending more and more time away from JS land. I’ve just found Ruby a lot more interesting lately, so I’m sure my next side project or two is going to be Rails-based. I recently signed up for a subscription to GoRails. Honestly it’s been everything I’ve wanted out of a Rails/Ruby tutorial. Highly polished, lots of good explanations, if you’re looking to learn Ruby or Rails, highly recommend checking them out.

I’ll try to make a post soon about a new projects, until then… that’s all for now 👋