I may or may not be procrastinating finals right now.

Up until the past few weeks, I’ve always reached for JavaScript for my personal projects. Things like React, Gatsby, and the MERN Stack have been my go-to tools pretty much since I started developing software. Dabbling in React Native even was super fun, and a really fun take on making a native app. I cut my teeth in the industry on Xamarin making apps, so I have some opinions on app dev, and React Native is just all around a great tool to work with, just like many of the other tools in the JavaScript ecosystem.

However, I’ve learned something in the past… month or so. JavaScript fatigue is a very real thing. It’s been exhausting keeping up with the community, about the time I get a solid foundation on using a tool, boom new tool who dis? So, I decided I needed to take a break from JavaScript, but I still wanted to work on my side projects.

After just taking some time away from side projects in general, I’m ready to start a new project for my whole “12 Projects In A Year” goal. I’ve dabbled in a few different pieces of tech, but one thing always stands out to me and I keep going back to. Rails. Everything JavaScript lately touts itself as “the next Rails” or “Ruby on Rails for JavaScript.” So, seeing as I use Rails a lot at work already, I figured it’s about time I spent time doing some Rails work for me. I signed up for a subscription to GoRails (separate blog post for that coming later), listened to a few podcasts, and discovered that well…. even with all the stuff going on, Rails is pretty awesome.

Oh also, I added an RSS feed to my blog, feel free to subscribe in however you consume RSS feeds.

Well, that’s all for now 👋