I wrote recently on how I felt about JavaScript, and, to sum it up, JavaScript and I are going to see other people for the time being. So, I took to Ruby and Rails, amidst all the stuff going on recently in the community. I use it a lot at work, but figured it was a good time to just sit around and actually get good at something other than JavaScript.

I took the Learn Ruby on Rails for Beginners course at GoRails, even though I’ve already done a couple of “beginner Rails” courses over on Udemy. Chris is a wonderful teacher, and his screencasts were the thing I was looking for in a programming tutorial. We coded along and created a Tweet Scheduler using Rails, and minimal gems. Instead of devise, we created auth so we could get an understanding of what’s going on under the hood. Chris really took the time to explain everything along the way, from something really basic to something more advanced like Sidekiq and background jobs. Honestly, I cannot recommend GoRails enough if you are looking to learn more about Rails.

Chris has some lessons on the new hotness that is Hotwire, and I plan on watching and coding along with all of them.

Well, that’s all for now 👋