I’ve finished up my second of 12 projects for the year, and I decided to not do front end work for the first time in a while.For this project, I built a small-scale ETL pipeline using Python. Its been quite a while since I used Python, I’ve pretty much only used it for school-related work.

The project was created from following along with Karolina Sowinska’s YouTube video. I’ve messed around with Data Science & Data Engineering a lot over on DataCamp, but this was my first time doing something a little more on my own as opposed to a super guided lesson. It was definitely a good change of pace from front-end-land of React/JavaScript.

A bit of a post-mortem, I’m glad I went with Postgres instead of SQLite that was used in the tutorial. I’d defintely like to do some more data validation or transformation, and get more practice coding with Python. I’m still planning on writing some Airflow stuff in it, and I want to set it all up with Docker.

You can check out the code for it over on my Github.

Well, that’s all for now 👋